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ePad Artwork

Ben E. Keith Co.

We are proud to have been selected as the exclusive email provider for Ben E. Keith Co. to serve the Email Marketing needs of all their customers. The Ben E. Keith Co. K-MAP program was created to assist their clients with many of their Marketing and Advertising needs and we are please to be associated with this great company.

More On Ben E. Keith

Cheap SEO Solutions

Finding just the right company to develop your website is a very personal and important decision for any restaurant owner… big, or small. The website solutions we have negotiated on behalf of our clients is one of our most satisfying accomplishments. We have searched for years to find just the right company that can provide the extremely high standards that we were not willing to compromise and deliver everything a restaurant would need in a solid website. Not only do the sites contain all of the following, but at a cost of only $1,750 with monthly payment plans available!

Cheap SEO Solutions

Executive Dining Club

EDC is the preferred vendor of Sysco’s iCare program and company of choice for Online Ordering of most of Encore Loyalty’s clients including:

* Kolache Factory * Paloma Blanca * Cafe Pita
* Ragin Cajun * Kublai Khan * Kim Son
* Prince’s Hamburgers * NAM
* Los Tios Mexican * Skeeters
* Kim Son Cafe

More On Executive Dining Club

Houston Entrée
Local Marketing – Houston

To Groupon or not to Groupon, has been the big question in the Restaurant Industry for quite some time. Not until we formed a partnership with Houston Entrée has the answer been a resounding, “YES”!

Restaurants have always loved the idea of driving in new business, but have found it a too cost prohibitive justifying the cost of these programs especially considering they were only attracting the proverbial “water drinker”. To that we say, meet Houston Entrée!

We met with the owner and discussed how we could work with them to deliver more for our clients and help them gain a competitive edge on their competition. Together we developed a program that not only made sense for everyone involved, but assured that we can take that “water drinker” and turn them into a repeat customer and a frequent customer and even into a loyal customer…

Now that we have your attention, be sure to click on the link below and learn how easily we can accomplish this for your restaurant as well. It’s all in the “NETWORK” and delivering the very best solutions for our clients.

Houston Entrée

99 Apps

Mobile Websites

Encore Loyalty has designated this Mobile Website solution as our Preferred Vendor. Did you know that 30% of all views to a restaurant’s website are done so on a mobile device. 66% of those views are conducted on an iPhone ! We highly recommend that you view your own website on a mobile device and decide for yourself, “Do any of these fancy graphics serve any useful purpose on a mobile phone?” Of course not! This simple solution costs only $15 a month.

iPhone Apps

Encore Loyalty has designated this App as our Preferred Vendor. We have developed over 10 Apps with clients in Texas with locations ranging from 1 to 40 locations. The first generation of this App has been outstanding and we have many more prospects awaiting roll-out as well of this important “Social Media”. For under $300, we rate this company very highly.

99 Apps

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