Our Humble Beginnings

Restaurant marketing solutions were always the goal. Encore Loyalty was created in November 2007 in order to fill a large void that existed in email marketing.

While restaurateurs had many choices of do-it-yourself basic and boring template programs available to them, no one was offering a “turn-key” solution… one that could deliver superb custom branded emails and the month after month advice they so dearly needed to craft an entire email business plan.

At Encore Loyalty we knew that each and every restaurant was unique, faced it’s own set of challenges and thus required an email program that reflected our client’s unique brand. We wanted our clients to have an email program capable of delivering real and measurable results… not just the “creative fluff” that never reaches the customer’s in-box and ends up in either their junk or spam folders.


Our solution was an obvious one. The company distinguished itself as a virtual “Email Advertising Agency” complete with extremely knowledgeable Account Managers, superb Graphic Designers, a top-tier IT Department and access to the nations most sophisticated mainframe computers and delivery system available in the Industry. Small Independent restaurant owners finally had the opportunity to promote their brand at the same high standards once only enjoyed by the large chain operators… all at a fraction on the cost. We managed to redefined the email marketing business by eliminating the red tape of working with a very large company and making it seem like a small “boutique” agency… with all the benefits!

The Company indeed was a success as many Independents joined us, followed by multi-unit concepts as well as many of their franchisees. Eventually as the business grew and relationships became stronger, clients would frequently ask us for our advice and suggestions about other proven marketing vehicles that Encore Loyalty would recommend. Encore has always recognized how incredibly hard restaurant owners work and how difficult it is for them to “stay on top” of all the changes taking place with respect to marketing on the Internet. Knowing that restaurant owners simply do not have the time to research these companies, we took it upon ourselves to perform the necessary due diligence. This began an entirely new chapter in our future.

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